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Current Events


My class and I enjoyed our first week of current event projects. I especially enjoyed student illustrations and props that were brought in to support their presentations.

Not only do we enjoy the presentations themselves, but they fit the new Common Core standards for fifth grade nicely. I provide my class with Scholastic News magazines, however, they are encouraged to use other sources too.

Their assignment is to:

* Find a current nonfiction article of interest.

* Identify the title, author (if given), and genre of the article

* Summarize the information in the text (written and oral)

* Write an opinion about the article (written and oral)

* Cite source using correct writing conventions

* Present article in an interesting manner (visuals, props, costumes, music, etc.)

* Speak clearly at an understandable pace

* Audience members are expected to actively listen and the class provides each speaker with two questions and two compliments

A favorite presentation this week was about a Legos article in Scholastic News Grades 5-6.


I love seeing my student’s enthusiasm for these projects.