Spectacular Second Day


We had another spectacular day today! In addition to practicing procedures and routines, we organized our binders, and we started learning to name and identify the states which make up the U.S.A.

I started by reading The Little Man in the Map: With Clues to Remember All 50 States. Then I passed out a blank map and had students find and identify the man in the map. They colored and labeled him. Then they placed the map in their binders to study. We will slowly add states using clues to help us remember them. We will have weekly map quizzes until we have mastered identifying the states on a map. Once we accomplish that goal, we will learn the capitals of each state.

Over the summer I came across maps of the 50 states at the dollar store, and I bought one for each team. After passing them out, I directed teams to work together to build the puzzle. Their goal was to beat the clock (12 minutes) and every team did. Our fastest team finished in a little under six minutes.


I had heard of the song  “Nifty Fifty United States”, but I was having a hard time locating the music to it. I finally located it at Classroom Classics. I am very excited to include this in our geography unit!


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  1. I can tell you your students enjoyed it as much as you! Two of them came by my room today and told me about the song and showed me the map they started. Missouri is the man with the hat? Sounds like fun!

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