Pinterest – Friend or Foe?


I was beginning to wonder if Pinterest was my friend or foe. I spent a lot of time pinning Pins, but rarely took the time to use any of them. That changed this past week! I was determined to try a few of the Pins, so all that time spent on Pinterest wasn’t wasted time.

The Craft Projects:

Project #1 Birthday Crazy Straws: I was lucky enough to find crazy straws in stock at the dollar store (6 for $1). I was all set to go home and make balloon labels for each straw when I came across a packet of cute birthday bookmarks at Lakeshore Learning  (30 for $3.40). My students now have a 2-in-1 gift. Score! I love it when I find things that save me time. Besides, I think they turned out pretty cute. Total project was about $9.


Project #2  Inspirational Frame Quotes. I made five different frames that I plan to place on top of the bookcase in my classroom. I chose to decorate my $1 frames with Trendy Tape ($1.50) and to print the quote on colored card stock ($1 total). My son, Sam, told me after my craft session that he preferred the frames plain. Oh, well. The total project cost me about $8.


Project #3 Student Number Marble Magnets. I made two sets of students numbers and one set of stars. The student numbers will be used to keep track of where students are and for my homework club. The compliment stars will be used for a class incentive. At our local craft store I bought the marbles for $3 and the magnets for $7. I was able to make make magnets for three different classroom management purposes for $10. At a teacher supply store stores I would have spent two to three times that amount.


Project #4 was to make glitter clothespins with thumb tacks attached to the back. I plan to use these to hang student art work on bulletin boards. I wanted a color that was subtle but interesting. Sam picked out Champagne Mist. This happens to be very close to the original wood color, as my husband pointed out. I still like it. It draws the eye and won’t take away from the art work. The clothespins and tacks were $2 at the dollar store, and the spray paint was $5. I’m hoping to find other uses for the spray paint.


I’m excited to get all of these projects into my classroom!

I also tried out some recipes. Frankly, I’m not posting pictures of the food, because the pictures on the links look better than my food. Recipes Tested:

Food #1  Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus: It is delicious! If you are crunched for time, it is just as good cut up into pieces and tossed together as it is wrapped.

Food #2  Pot Roast: two of the four of us really liked this recipe. The two that did not are texture eaters. They thought the fall-off-the-fork meat and vegetables were too moist. Oh well, I had a delicious lunch for the following two days!

Food #3  Salty Cocoa Energy Bites:  I substituted almond butter for the sunflower seed butter, and I was pleased with the results. I plan to keep some handy for emergency snacks. Sam does not care for almond butter, so I am also going to try this with peanut butter.

Food #4  Apricot, Pecan & Chocolate bars:  I was disappointed. The apricots I used seemed to disappear into the bar. The picture showed bright orange apricot chunks. I’m going to try again with a different brand of apricots.

Food #5 Choco Banana Smoothie this is rich and delicious! I would not recommend this for a refreshing smoothie, it’s more of a dessert smoothie. The texture eaters in my family thought it was “banana” thick but tasty.

Is Pinterest your friend or foe? Have you made any Pinterest projects lately?


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